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May 17th Reopening Letter

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10/10 Proposition Prayer

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10-10 Proposition Prayer

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30 Minutes Of Power-Packed Prayer


Here is an idea of how we can have 30 minutes of power-packed prayer right in our own homes – 

Matthew 6:6: find a “secret place”, a “prayer closet” where you are free from outside distractions 

Matthew 21:22: pray in faith, believing God’s promises and speaking His Word 

Colossians 4:2: give thanks while you pray 

As always, we end our prayers in Jesus’ name! Now, let’s break down the 30 minutes – 

*5 minutes – spend time in praise and worship 

*5 minutes – pray for salvation for the lost in your family and community 

*5 minutes – pray for the United States of America and for protection and wisdom for our president, national and local leaders and for our military and first responders 

*5 minutes – pray for mighty signs and wonders, healing and miracles to take place in the Body of Christ, including Prevailing Word Church 

*5 minutes – pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the persecuted church as well as other nations of the world 

*5 minutes – pray for individual, specific needs and situations in your life and in the lives of your friends and family 

By the way, all of this can be done as a family – even your little ones can join in at least 1, 5-minute segment.

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Healing and Total Restoration

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3 A Day Scriptures

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It Took A Miracle

By: Roberta Beams

Do you believe in miracles?  I do!  In fact, I have seen many miracles with my own eyes.  In this book, I recount some of the miraculous events I have experienced-from healing and divine protection, to the greatest miracle of all: salvation.
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Prayer Services



At Prevailing Word Church, we know that God answers the prayers of His people.

We love to communicate with Him and watch Him work in our lives as well as the lives of those around us. Join us at any of the times listed below as we come before His throne and lift our praises and requests to Him.


Sunday 9:15 AM (Before Service), Monday 7:00 PM ( Men of Prayer), Tuesday 9:30 AM (Ladies Prayer) and Thursday 8:00 PM (Intercessory Prayer).