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Couples’ Corner

Part of my morning ritual includes reading the Bible, praying and then listening to messages from various Pastors on KDRY. Recently a particular message caught my attention and caused me to reflect on it for a great part of the day. The message had to do with the exodus of the Israelites. I found it interesting that despite all the things God did for them they were never happy and would vehemently complain to Moses. God parted the Red Sea to save them from Pharaoh, He gave them water out of a rock, quail for meat and manna from heaven, but regardless of the magnitude of God’s gift to them, they still complained.
I think that was the issue that really caught my attention, they complained about a gift from God. How could they possibly be dissatisfied with something God had given them? And then it hit me like a ton of bricks that is exactly what the couples I counsel are doing. They are rejecting the gift that God gave them in their spouse. Most of the couples I have talked to will say that they actually prayed and asked God for someone to share their life with, someone they could love and who would love them in return. In fact they even had specific requirements that they asked God to fill. Being the loving Father that He is, God brought two people together who filled the prayers of the other person. A courtship ensued, love grew and marriage vows were said forming a covenant relationship with God.
So what happened? Why did their marriage face the rocks of disaster? Why did the gift they were so excited to get suddenly hold no value? I believe that just like the Israelites forgot that all those things were gifts we forget that our spouse is a gift. There is an old adage that says if you eat T-bone steak every day, eventually you would get sick of it. When you get a new car you baby it until the first dent. It is as if we are never satisfied and constantly expect something new and exciting. We get bored with our old gifts and want something else.
The thing we missed is that the gift we received when we married our spouse has many layers. Picture a box within a box within a box. Just because you opened the first box doesn’t mean you have all the gifts that are included,
Come join us at our “Couples Meetings” and learn how to unwrap all the boxes your gift contains!
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