30 Minutes Of Power-Packed Prayer


Here is an idea of how we can have 30 minutes of power-packed prayer right in our own homes – 

Matthew 6:6: find a “secret place”, a “prayer closet” where you are free from outside distractions 

Matthew 21:22: pray in faith, believing God’s promises and speaking His Word 

Colossians 4:2: give thanks while you pray 

As always, we end our prayers in Jesus’ name! Now, let’s break down the 30 minutes – 

*5 minutes – spend time in praise and worship 

*5 minutes – pray for salvation for the lost in your family and community 

*5 minutes – pray for the United States of America and for protection and wisdom for our president, national and local leaders and for our military and first responders 

*5 minutes – pray for mighty signs and wonders, healing and miracles to take place in the Body of Christ, including Prevailing Word Church 

*5 minutes – pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the persecuted church as well as other nations of the world 

*5 minutes – pray for individual, specific needs and situations in your life and in the lives of your friends and family 

By the way, all of this can be done as a family – even your little ones can join in at least 1, 5-minute segment.